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Arrival Amy Adams stars in this intelligent, thought-provoking sci fy tale of alien contact. Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker Review

Moonlight  In theaters after winning Oscar for Best Picture. The sensitive story of a young  man's journey through 3 periods of his life coming to grips with his identity, love & sexuality. Mahershala Ali & Janelle Monae are outstanding. Review

Manchester by the Sea Can a truly depressing movie make you want to watch amazing performances? Yes.  Casey Affleck wins Oscar for Best Actor. Michelle Williams, & Lucas Hedges also worthy.  Review

Lion Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman& Rooney Mara in the story of a young boy lost in India struggles to adapt to his adopted family in Australia. Review

La La Land Director Damien Chazelle wins Best Director for creating a colorful, romantic musical about Hollywood dreams. Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling. Review & Interview

Fences Denzel Washington directs & stars with Viola Davis & Jovan Adepo in August Wilson's powerful drama, fresh today as in 50's Pittsburgh. Extraordinary performances. Review

Hidden Figures Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Jonelle Monae do the math in the story of brilliant Black women who helped put Americans into space. Review

I Am Not Your Negro  Director Raoul Peck's powerful film about the articulate author, James Baldwin, the history of Civil Rights and why it's so relevant today Review

Toni Erdmann A prankster father tries to connect with his daughter in the most bizarre way in this  funny Foreign Oscar nominated comedy. Review

Click to see David Oyelowo talk about the surprise visit to the set by the current  President of Botswana.  

Kong: Skull Island It's a hit! A wild & monstrous adventure on a secret island. Best find? John C. Reilly as a Cubs fan. Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson. Review

Beauty and The Beast Disney's Live action version starring Emma Watson & Dan Stevens is spectacular. Does it have the magic of the original animated film? Review

Personal Shopper Kristen Stewart as a medium in a thriller trying to make contact with her dead twin brother. But what happened to the socialite she buys clothes for? Review

T2 Trainspotting Ewan MacGregor as Rent and the rest of the gang is back 20 years later in a sequel directed by Danny Boyle. What happens when Rent goes home?   Review and Q & A with Director Danny Boyle

Logan Hugh Jackman's final performance as Wolverine in a super-violent bloody finale. Patrick Stewart is violent using words not heard from him before. Review

Get Out Jordan Peele directs Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford & Catherine Keener in his favorite genre...a creepy horror film with a message and laughs. Review

Wilson Woody Harrelson & Laura Dern go fullout as bust outs who look for the daughter he didn't know they had. Worth it? Review soon

Life Not altogether original take on  alien invasion but with a big twist. An Intense zero G blood fest on an awesome space station. Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal.    Review

Song to Song Terrence Malick. As always, great visuals & confusing. Gosling, Fassbender, Mara, & Portman as sad and controlling partners. Review