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The Big Sick  True story of Pakistan born, stand up comedian Kumail Nanjiani trying to win over Emily V. Gordon and her parents while she is in a coma. Heartfelt and hilarious. Review

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power  In light of Hurricane Harvey, Irma, & Maria, this important film shows a more visual, emotional  former Vice President Al Gore  warning about the climate crisis. Review

IT- Stephen King's feature adaptation is a bloody fun thriller. Kids find an out of this world clown who makes them face their fears. Pennywise is  pound for pound scary! Review

Mother- Darren Araonofsky directs Jennifer Lawrence & Javier Bardem in a psychological thriller about taking in house guests. Is it too scary or just weird?

Battle of the Sexes - Emma Stone & Steven Carell show no love in the psychological battle between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs about gender inequality. Review

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American Made Tom Cruise takes you on funny, highly entertaining flights running drugs & guns that became the 1980's Iran Contra Affair. Cruise looking younger than ever! Review

Lucky Harry Dean Stanton's last great performance as an old man contemplating life & death. Dean Stanton died recently at 91. Directed by John Carroll Lynch with David Lynch, Tom Skerritt.  Review

The Meyerowitz Stories Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Emma Thompson, Candice Bergen as an artsy dysfunctional family that gets on each other's nerves. Review

Marshall Chadwick Boseman, Josh Gad, Kate Hudson, Dan Stevens in a film being released on the 50th anniversary of Thurgood Marshall's becoming the first African-American Supreme Court Justice. Opening night film. Review

Blade Runner 2049 - Disappoints even with Ryan Gosling & return of Harrison Ford. Futuristic visuals well done, but story hard to follow. Review

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The Square -beautiful satire on the art world and a cutting edge marketing plan that goes viral.

Jane - National Geographic biography on the fascinating Jane Goodall.

Let the Sunshine In - Juliette Binoche shines dating to find real love.

Chasing the Blues - Competition to snatch rare Blues vinyl. With Jon Lovitz.

Sammy Davis Jr. I've Gotta Be Me - Documentary of his talent and politics.

I, Tonya - Allison Janney & Margot Robbie spar as mother & daughter  in story behind Tonya Harding vs Nancy Kerrigan skating for Olympic Gold.

Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart - incredible details of the life and writings of   playwright, Lorraine Hansberry.

Goodbye Christopher Robin -  How the popularity of Christopher Robin & Winnie the Pooh became be careful what you wish for.

Breathe - Andrew Garfield & Claire Foy as a couple who changed the lives of those confined with polio and other diseases.  

Lady Bird - Greta Gerwig directs  Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf as dueling Mother/Daughter during Senior Year in high school.

The Replacement (short) - Well produced futuristic short about a society of clones starring Mike McNamara.

The Florida Project - William Dafoe great as manager of a motel outside DisneyWorld showing what can be the unhappiest place on Earth. The kid actors are amazing. Review  

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Incredibly sensual origin story of the first female superhero. Research & a menage a trois? Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall, Bella Heathecoate. Review

The Foreigner Jackie Chan is unusually serious, but also back in action chasing terrorists in a Bond like film starring Pierce Brosnan. Review

Goodbye Christopher Robin Simon Curtis directs the origin story of Christopher Robin & Winnie the Pooh and how their fame became a curse. Review

Breathe The first polio patient to be freed of the iron lung because of his loving wife & sense of adventure.  Directed by Andy Serkis. Starring Andrew Garfield,Clair Foy Review