Warner Bros.                2 hours 43 minutes           R          Reviewed October 9, 2017

Not as dark or with as much action as the original. Ryan Gosling is new Blade Runner K. He is charged with tracking down a new generation of replicants. In the process he learns his personal truth as well. And takes a lot of punishment.

Director Denis Villeneuve creates yet another dystopian future. Lighting and sound are impressive as well as the futuristic flying vehicles, but set in a grungy LA framed in neon with a lot of rain. Huge budget of $185,000,000 for this gritty future.

Robin Wright is the tough LAPD boss Lieutenant Joshi. Ana de Armas luminescent as K’s virtual girlfriend, Joi. Jared Leto is weird and misplaced as the villain in this piece as Niander Wallace.

Harrison Ford comes in late in the game, but is not just there for window dressing. He’s just as integral in this edition as he was in the first. But we think really confusing if you didn’t see the first. And even hard to follow if you did.

Gosling and Harrison work hard in this film. de Armas is a standout. She is absolutely beautiful and creates a curious character. This film is visually intriguing, as is the soundtrack which adds to the mysterious ambiance. Strains of the theme from “Peter and the Wolf” placed here and there are an interesting touch. Love the sets and trappings, especially of the nightclub with stars from yesteryear, but the film itself is not satisfying and way too long. Hope this doesn’t become our future.