20th Century Fox Pictures          1 hour and 48 minutes               R     

Deadpool is alive, and kicking ass. This is the first R-rated Marvel film and it’s smart, slick, sweet and sexy.

There’s fun right from the top. Pay attention to the opening credits. You’ll be glad you did as the action unfolds. It took 11 years to make this film about the bad boy of superheroes who has accelerated healing powers and a campy sense of humor as well as an overactive libido.

Talking about overactive, everything here is over the top. But Director Tim Miller, (known for his creative work with visual effects and animation), put this film together so well, it blows up the screen with incredible stunts. Many of the visual effects are shown in real time as well as cartoon style slo mo. That draws out in detail every excruciating blow, crash, hit, smash, punch, drop, and more. Yes it’s brutal and gory, but it comes off as fun stuff. You can’t fall asleep because this one is a grabber.

Ryan Reynolds has played comic book characters 5 times and this is his best yet. He plays a small time punk, Wade. Facing a cancer death sentence, he’s lured into being used as a science experiment for the villains. Ajax, played by Ed Skrein (Game of Thrones) is not a happy camper and he takes it out on Wade giving him an  ugly mutant transformation. Wade becomes this violent character who takes the name Deadpool. He came up with this moniker named after a game in his bar where bets are placed on who dies next; the Deadpool.

Here’s the dramatic romantic arc. His mutation takes him away from his true love. She is the breathtakingly beautiful, spunky brunette, Vanessa Gotham, played by Morena Baccani (The Flash, Spy, Homeland). She and Reynolds have chemistry of their own together and you can actually buy into their sexy love story. He checks out because of his disfiguring mutation. It’s all too sad.

Reynolds has received a ton of criticism for his previous portrayal of the Green Hornet, but Deadpool more than makes up for it. And he even has fun at his own expense poking fun at the Hornet flop. There’s plenty of comedy. Rob Liefeld, Fabian Nicaeza, Rhett Reese, and Paul Wernick have created a camp, witty script showing the art of the quick come back.

Reynolds reportedly worked closely with the writers adding more comedy. There is a lot of breaking the fourth wall where our hero talks directly to the audience. Reynolds even points out how many walls he’s breaking in this film! It is a useful tool and Reynolds uses it well. He’s a really good bad ass as this character.

Wade dons his gritty, worn red suit to go on an avenging rampage. Reynolds spent 7 hours in makeup every day to create his grotesquely scarred face which looks something like a pizza! The actor got so ripped for the role that they took away an extra layer of padding in his suit because it was too tight! He took that red suit home as a souvenir to show his actress wife, Blake Lively, who was taken aback by it. His dogs are scared of it, too. And he hopes if any burglar tries to come into his home would get totally freaked out as well..

There’s a supporting cast of fascinating characters who each have their own specialty. Gina Carano (Haywire, Fast and Furious 6) as Angel Dust has great martial arts moves in fights that are well choreographed. Brianna Hildebrand fires it up as the surly teen who bursts into flames with her mutant power. She’s Negasonic Teenage Warhead which is a song title by Monster Magnet. That band is known for using comic book character monikers in their lyrics. And then there’s Colossus, a gigantic, updated tin man who joins this band of heroes.

Is this worth your bucks? The film earns its R rating with ultra violence, explicit sex, language and more. But this adult Marvel film is not only worth every penny, we want to see what they come up with next. We didn’t know what to expect and were blown away by the characters, choreography, cinematography and editing of the amazing stunts and the sizzling story. It’s imaginative and different.

Reynolds has finally found his comic book character home. He took the suit home to show his wife, but is won’t be there long. He’s already signed on for the sequel. So it’s a safe bet Deadpool will be back!

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