Abramorama           1 hour 40 minutes            Documentary

Time to Choose is a thorough examination of climate change, how industrialization is affecting it, plus other factors and human habits that are causing problems with our environment. It is divided into three sections that show devastating conditions regarding agriculture, mining and energy. But each section also shows what could be done to correct them, and that there may still be time to do so. There is still hope.

Charles Ferguson is an Oscar winning documentarian (Inside Job) who wrote, directed and produced this film with co-writer Chad Beck. There is a plethora of information. It is very detailed. But you have to work at it. You'll see spectacular visuals gathered all over the world and well-edited to graphically show what's happening to cities, glaciers, farm land, and beaches. But there are also so many factoids printed on black screens that have to be read and processed. Pay close attention or you may feel like you’re always trying to catch up.

Actor Oscar Isaac is the narrator. His voice is soothing but somewhat monotone. As the thread holding the pieces together, he presents the information well but doesn’t give the most interesting read.

The background music is appropriate at first, but not dynamic where it could have been. We think it could have added more power to the amazing visuals of glaciers falling, black skies wafting over extremely polluted China, rushing waters and flooding, and the horrifyingly dramatic mine accidents.

As amazing as some of the visuals are, there are a lot of graphs and technical reading material in the middle of the film that are not as compelling and hard to figure out as they speed by. Parts of this film remind us a little of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. It sometimes seems more like a power point presentation than a documentary film.

But stories showing the successful use of solar and wind renewable energy are so inspiring. Especially the interview with Jaime Lerner (no relation,) the former Mayor of Curitiba, Brazil. He created a super efficient program for transit bus service that runs more like trains. The Architect and Urban Planner is passionate about his mission to create a sustainable city for his constituents and what he has done is impressive.

Is this worth your bucks? Yes! This is a well researched piece on climate change that graphically shows changes that need to be addressed and soon! If anything, there is too much material to digest in little more than an hour and a half. But it is important. It’s scientific fact. Time is running out and the film makes it clear that it is Time to Choose for all of us to take action. There is no choice.