Dreamworks          132 minutes   PG

This film is cute, colorful, musical and glittery, but the predictable story line is one you’ve seen many times before. But for families with little ones, it’s perfect. There’s also some humor that will keep parents entertained. Most of all, the music and voices from Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Gwen Stefani, Zooey Deschanel, James Corden, John Cleese, Jeffrey Tambor and more add a lot to this film.

Not only are there covers of classic rock songs from the 60’s through 80’s to keep the parents tapping their feet, but some cool new music too! You’ll hear September, Hello, I’m Coming Out, plus Timberlake’s latest hit, Can’t Stop the Feeling. You might want to sing along.

The Trolls have lots of extra long pastel colored hair which make them look very cute, especially when they’re singing and dancing. Their glittery, sugar coated appearance is sweet and very positive. The ugly Bergens, are their arch enemies. Why? The mean Chef, voiced by Christine Baranski, likes to catch Trolls and cook them for King Gristle, voiced by Christopher Mintz-Plasse. When some of the Trolls are captured by the mean ugly Chef, the perky, pink Poppy Troll, (Anna Kendrick), takes it upon herself to try to save them and she persuades the careful carmudgeon Branch, played by Timberlake, to help. They don’t get along with each other, which gives enough of an arc to make their differences more interesting.

Poppy and Branch get in all kinds of slapstick trouble trying to rescue their friends in the Bergen’s castle. They enlist the help of scullery maid, Bridget, who has a huge crush on the King. Somehow it all works out, singing and dancing along the way.

Directors Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn (Shrek movies) and Writers Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger (Kung Fu Panda) do a credible job with the colorful animation, but the quality is not as detailed as a Pixar production. The choreography of the dance steps to the songs by these cute animated figures works, although it’s not very intricate. We saw the film in 3D and that enhanced the psychedelic nature of the images a lot.

Still this is a fun family feature that had the kids’ attention and they giggled at our screening. Trolling for good animated family fun isn’t always easy, but here’s where you can find a great soundtrack and glittery eye candy, especially fun for the little ones.